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The Hunter x Hunter characters and their possible astrological signs.


Sun Sign (see "* in explanations): Taurus (according to his birthday...and I think this is correct personality-wise too..^.^)
Gon can be quite stubborn at times, so that makes him a Taurean. He is often blunt and straightforward, and can't help but blurt out the truth. By Hisoka's definition, Gon's nen type: reinforcement, is naive and candid, similar to Taurus.

Moon Sign(see *"* in explanations): No clue, anyone want to help me guess? Maybe Sagittarius, since Gon always takes a good attitude and is optimistic on things, such as in Greed Island when he seemed excited about training with Biske so that he could get stronger.

Ascendant: (see + in explanations): Still Sagittarius, since he acts around people the same way he normally acts; he doesn't have an alter ego/hidden personality.

Mercury: (see ++ in explanations): Gon probably has Mercury in

Venus: (see # in explanations): Gon...uh...really hard...according to him...he went out with a lot of people...but who knows?

Mars: (see ## in explanations): Taurus. Gon has a strong ability to fight for his beliefs.(his stubborness...)

Jupiter: (see ~ in explanations): Jupiter is probably in Sagitarrius. Gon's a very lucky person.

Saturn: (see ~~ in explanations): Taurus or Capricorn. Gon is very determined when it comes to dealing with problems. He isn't the type of person who would retreat after one or two failures. Also, he wouldn't give in easily--like when Killua and Gon were contesting to see who could jump higher and Killua won [the first time], Gon suggested that they try again, but Killua said no, because Gon would just keep on trying until he won.

Uranus: (see $ in explanations): Gon has plenty of creative ideas, like in the Hunter exam, when he chose to go through the 5 person door and then made a hole to the other path. Also, he Yorkshin, he came up with an idea to get Greed Island, and Killua was rather shocked that he hadn't thought of it. Thus, Uranus in Aquarius.

Neptune: (see $$ in explanations): Spirituality? Religion? Pisces I think. Gon is very pure and simple minded. Pisceans tend to be pious.

Pluto: (see & in explanations): Transformation nen types lie a lot, and yet Gon is innocent and straighforward. Thus, Pluto must've been in Sagittarius on his birth


Sun Sign: I have the inclination to say Gemini, but then that's based on his nen type's personality: transformation = change = Gemini-like. Besides, Killua is also mischievious and a good bluffer, like Gemini, who tends to lie a lot.

Moon Sign: His hidden personality...harder to say...maybe Scorpio?







*Sun Signs represent the personality that you exhibit outwards, since the sun represents "yang" and "yang" represents the outward appearance of things. Sun signs are determined by the date of your birth--

March 21-April 19 is Aries (Ram),--hard headed, initiative taking, a good leader (if you know YYH, kinda like Yusuke.)

April 20-May 20 is Taurus (Bull), --stubborn, enjoys the arts, unwilling to take risks, but also unwilling to give up

May 21-June 21 is Gemini (Twins), --two faced, lies a lot, fickle, capricious, talkative (like Hisoka)

June 22-July 22 is Cancer (crab), --emotional, protective, short-tempered, loyal

July 23-August 22 is Leo (Lion), --born leader, egoistic

August 23-September 22 is Virgo (Maiden), --meticulous, quiet, but eloquent if talks

September 23-October 23 is Libra (Balance), --can see both sides of a matter, (thus *balance*)

October 24-November 21 is Scorpio (Scorpion), --secretive, enigmatic, independent (yyh fans, Hiei?)

November 22- December 21 is Sagittarius (Archer), --frank, optimistic

December 22-January 19 is Capricorn (Goat), --hardworking, persistent, is like a workaholic

January 20-Feburary 18 is Aquarius (Water Bearer), --innovative, idealistic, idiosyncratic, eccentric

and Feburary 19-March 20 is Pisces (Fishes) --passive, compassionate, connected with the occult.

The horoscopes in the newspapers are also based on your sun sign.

**Moon Signs are your inner personalities (like your inner child?), the side of you that you don't usually show to others, and only show under certain conditions. The moon represents "yin", which is supposedly the "darker" side of a person, but in astrology, it is just the "hidden" face of a person.

     If you had Scorpio as your moon sign, you may tend to be very secretive and unwilling to show others who you really are (the "moon sign" is already the hidden face of a person, and Scorpios have very secretive personalities). However, if you had Leo as a moon sign, you might have a sudden streak of obstinance one day that you never knew you had before.
    Moon signs are determined by a special chart, which not only depends on the month you were born in, but also the year. The chart is drawn up depending on the location of the moon in the sky the day you were born.

+ Ascendants are easy to explain scientifically---it's the sign that was rising at the time of your birth. However, personality-wise, it's much harder to explain. Ascendants determine how you react around others--whether you are sociable and outgoing, or introverted and shy.
    They're different than sun signs, although I don't know how to explain why. (Someone told me that the ascendant is the first personality sign most people see from you, and that the sun sign's personality was to be discovered later by that person.)
    I found an easy way to determine your ascendant estimatingly--by using this circular chart below. This is only a rough guess, and in order to truly discover your ascendant, you have to know the time of your birth as well as the latitude and longitudes of your birth place.

++ Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence. Depending on what sign you have in Mercury, you can either be loquacious or reticent. For instance, if you have Gemini in Mercury, (Gemini being the versatile and talkative one) you will be extra chatty, perhaps up to the point where someone might tell you "silence is golden". However, if you had Taurus in Mercury, (which I have...^.^) you're are more prone to being shy and staying at home than socializing at a party.

# Venus is the planet of love, the arts, and sensual beauty. If you have Leo in Venus and happen to be an artist, you might paint boldly and with haste. A.k.a "Lesser Fortune"

## Mars is the planet of self--it represents your ability to fight for yourself, your beliefs and your life. It is your sense of identity and "persistence".

~ Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune; whatever sign it was in at the time of your birth might determine your luck in pursuing your needs. If you had Jupiter in Capricorn, your dreams might not be as successful as someone with Jupiter in Sagittarius, despite the extra efforts you put in. A.k.a "Greater Fortune"

~~ Saturn is the planet of misfortunes and how you deal with them. Saturn is like the opposite of Jupiter; bad luck to good luck

$ Uranus is the planet of innovation, invention, and new ideas. It represents your creative and imaginative side, determining how well those skills are.

$$ Neptune is the planet of religious beliefs and spirituality. It also symbolizes the occult and supernatural.

& Pluto is the planet of transformation (transformation...reminds me of Hisoka...^_^), especially of that between life and death. It could also be thought of as a new beginning, since once a life is over, a new one is to be started.

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