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Hi and welcome to Hunter x Hunter Island...a Hunter x Hunter fansite with some info, fandom, and other fun stuff for you HxH fans...there's a lot of Hunter x Hunter stuff here. Check out the menu above.


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April 1st, the first year 2006 update! ~_~
Hunter x Hunter Island is closing permanently! Thanks to all those who have visited!

Hahaha....April Fools! Gotcha there, didn't I?

Eeeek. It's been quite a while since I've updated! The layout needs some rebooting, especially after I found out how bad it looked in Firefox, my new browser. Now the layout color scheme is green and features Kurapika. I also looked in on some of my image galleries, seeing as some of them had broken links. All fixed up now.

Added more Chinese translations...gods..this is going to take a while...=_=

Okay...I'm going to translate this entire site into Chinese...just for fun...and I suppose that'd help in practicing my Chinese too. So starting with the index, which can be found, here.

SO FAR...CH 74-75 UP... I'm uploading some HxH manga scans...not all of them right away, but I will be able to get them all up soon..^_^...Ch. 74--120 will be up soon... Check out the link 'manga' on the menu.


NEW LAYOUT...(*again!) =_=;; I actually like this layout...and it's kinda wierd that Kuroro is the only one on the banner since this is supposed to be an Hunter x Hunter fansite...>-<...well, I intended the layout to be for something else...and then I used it for this site and realized it worked really nice. I guess I'll be keeping this layout for a while (haha, that's what I've been saying to every last layout I made...and I changed them in a week or so...)


Wah! I've been updating plenty in the last two months...but haven't been writing in the updates section at all....anyways...I guess I'm up to around version 5.0 on the layout...*sighs* I've been changing it sooo much...[hahaha I get tired of things easily...I'm too capricious..]

Anyways...I've added more images [over the last month or so]...more humor...more fanart...more stuff in 'look alikes'...


Hm...I added a lot of stuff, but I'm too lazy to write in the updates section. So this update will cover the last month: the humor section has a very funny one about the Ryodan. I added more to HxH vs YYH and I put up more pictures in the imagegalleries. I added essays about nen (this one's in progress)...and the Ryodan (the 3 of these are done).


I added more chapters to my fanfiction! I guess I'm actually uploading faster on my website than on How wierd of me. Then I added more to the humor section.


I changed the layout several times in the last few days. Yesterday my layout was very reddish, and today it was all dark. Dunno why I made the Ryodan the star of the banner, but that's okay, I like them there...


I finished up some odds and ends....and I added more pics to the image gallery! I added some more answers to the puzzles..etc.


I added more pictures to the image galleries. Its taking a while to make bigger and smaller versions of each picture...and my organization skills with pictures and folders are horrible, so now I have this big mess of pictures on my computer to sort through every time I upload.


I changed the image galleries! They're really different now--there's a marquee, which you can stop, to click on pictures, or start, or change directions (the left or right arrows.) I hope the loading isn't too slow...well, I did preload the images...


I changed the menu to have toggle buttons, the little picture by the side is the toggle button. If you click it, the menu will was better than the old switch menu and the one that took up too much space...YES! I finally did it!!


I reformatted the menu. It was mostly because the old menu I used only worked on IE, Mozilla, not NN, so for all the NN users out there, I had to change it. But now, the menu is taking up a LOT of space...-_-;; (It used to be a switch menu...)


Ok...I added the Greed Island section...check it out...its under "storyline"...oh yeah...something I was thinking about adding: some chapter summaries...but should I? They'll take a lot of work...and...the manga could be read at plenty of different sites...


Changed the layout changed the menu. Now there won't be so much stuff on the side...not that it makes any difference of course...The layout's better than before, I kinda think the earlier layout was too orangey, and this one's a bit more clear...oh well.


Yay! More uploads: the Hunter x Hunter language page and...a page about numbers in Hunter x Hunter(this one is really wierd, mind you) I sort of got the number idea from the Gundam Wing names, where they are all based on numbers. Of course, this one has nothing to do with their names or Gundam Wing...


I uploaded the puzzles (some of them are rather interesting, ignore the first one because I don't have an answer to that). Also, I added the Hunter x Hunter vs. Yu Yu Hakusho page.

3/29/05's the first day that my site is actually up...
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