Hunter x Hunter vs. Yu Yu Hakusho


1. Kuroro and Youko Kurama both were (and are) really skilled thieves (But Kuroro seems to represent the very essence of being a thief, considering he can steal abilities...)

2. Nen is very similar to spirit energy, except that it's much more complicated. Consider the Yu Yu Hakusho people...Yusuke is most likely Reinforcement (like Gon...) or Release (his rei gun). Considering what Hisoka said about the personality of Release people (I think he said they were "impulsive and rash", which matches Yusuke's personality almost exactly.

Kuwabara, I think, is most likely materialization--as shown by his spirit sword (rei ken). And by Hisoka, "has vivid imagination, and is very sensitive". I'm not so sure about the vivid imagination part, but he probably is very sensitive, especially for his ability to sense where things were (what was that called?).

Kurama and Hiei are probably both manipulation.(Kurama is a plant manipulator and Hiei uses fire.) However, if we go by Hisoka's personality judging, there is still some questioning to be done. For Hiei, the manipulation personality of dominance and obstinance seems to fit him well, but it is unimaginable for that personality to be representing of Kurama.(Since when did Kurama and Hiei have similar personalities??-_-;; So since I'm not Hisoka, I can't really judge on this...).

3. They both have four main characters.

4. Killua and Hiei were both ex-assasins.(or is Hiei still an assasin? ^.^;;)

5. Killua and Hiei both had bad pasts--Killua's family put him through harsh training to be a successful assasin, while Hiei's abandoned him by throwing him off a cliff.

6. They were both made by Togashi Yoshihiro (no kidding...the easiest thing to know ever...haha)

7. Kuroro and Youko Kurama both have this eerie calmness to them. (Well...Kuroro's more calm...but oh well.)

8. Gensuru (the "Bomb Devil") is very much like Karasu...they both use bombs...well, I guess Togashi ran out of ideas for new abilities and reused Karasu's. Obviously Gensuru isn't half as powerful as Karasu is, he's just rather devious.

9. Feitan and Hiei both use fire -- Feitan's 'Rising Sun'-- and they're both on the short side. They're both really fast, and Feitan's human too, making it all the more impressive. However, Feitan seems a lot meaner than Hiei.

To Be Continued

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1. The main characters aren't that alike, contrary to popular belief. Gon is very naive and innocent, and trusts without questioning. In fact, he is so naive that he isn't realistic at all. Yusuke, on the other hand, is more imaginable in real life; he has realistic qualities. Gon is also altruistic, and altruism doesn't seem to really exist (IMHO); Yusuke isn't quite as altruistic.

2. In Hunter x Hunter, the main character doesn't win all the time. In Yu Yu Hakusho, however, Yusuke does win quite a lot. For instance, the time that Yusuke fought Hiei; he won even though he wasn't quite as experienced in fighting.(ok..., so I admit that Yusuke had more experience than Gon in fighting, since he was always so belligerent in school. But, does he have enough experience to kill off someone like Hiei who had survived in a land as harsh as Makai?)

Contradictorily, Gon didn't win against all of his enemies right away (ex: Knuckles, Hisoka).

3. (Ok..this is in my, YYH fans, don't kill me...^_^)Yu Yu Hakusho's plotline is a lot simpler. The concepts of nen and different things that are learned while acquiring it are deep, unlike Yu Yu, which is more like nonstop fighting. Nonstop fighting is just too simple and repetitive, something you can expect out of any other anime.

4. YYH has more violence; it's more of a fighting manga, while HxH is more adventurous. --quoted from nafiza of

5. HxH's nen explanations are very logical/scientific based. However, YYH's battles don't exactly have a scientific basis, more of a fantasial one.

6. While most people in Hunter x Hunter only have one 'special' ability, their hatsu, (well, except for Hisoka, he has 2), people in Yu Yu Hakusho have a variety of abilities...

7. The clown in Yu Yu Hakusho is very weak, unlike Hisoka, who is obviously very powerful (Not that the two clowns should be compared at all...)

8. Two of the main characters in both Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho are cliched, namely, Kurapika and Hisoka in HxH, and Hiei and Kuwabara in YYH. Many people in mangas want revenge, and Kurapika is just a stereotype of them. Many people in mangas also have Hisoka's eery/creepy personality. Hiei's cold/meaness makes him cliche...there are so many examples I can think of in animes with cold people. Kuwabara is the stupid jokester of the group, seen a lot in other mangas too.

9. The villains in Hunter x Hunter are deeper and more 3 dimensional than the villains in YYH's Dark Tournament. The villains in Yu Yu Hakusho seem like 2D undeveloped people. Togashi could've added more to each character, but he didn't. The Ryodan, however, have a variety of personalities, some nice, some mean, and some pretentious. In Yu Yu Hakusho villains are mostly mean (not all..), and are mostly of the same prototype.

10. Yu Yu Hakusho has more female characters. Hunter x Hunter doesn't have that many, there's only Machi, Shizuku, Neon, Pakunoda, Menchi ( that I start thinking, there is more than I thought). However, HxH doesn't seem to have many MAIN female characters. To Be Continued
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