Episode List

Episode 1 Boy Going on Journey x Leaving a Sound of the Wind
Episode 2 Encounter x Intimidation x Departure
Episode 3 Pride x Stormy Island x Duel
Episode 4 Decision x Shortcut x Long Way
Episode 5 Lie x Truth? x Kiriko
Episode 6 Steak x Marathon x Exam Begins
Episode 7 Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap
Episode 8 Magician x Smile x Wild Animal Warning
Episode 9 Menchi x Seriously Pissed x Second Exam?
Episode 10 Failing Score x Panic x Voice from Heaven
Episode 11 Explore x Sports Spirit x Stowaway
Episode 12 Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua
Episode 13 Agree x Disagree x Trap
Episode 14 Candle x Policy x Internal Discord
Episode 15 Transient x Life x Majitani
Episode 16 Rock x Scissor x Heart
Episode 17 Three People? x Five People? x Last Choice
Episode 18 Treasure x Memory x Hotel Room
Episode 19 Separation x Diary x Water Inflow
Episode 20 Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush
Episode 21 4th Exam x 44 x Number of Death
Episode 22 Found Him x Hide x Catch Up!
Episode 23 Hisoka x Crash x Gon
Episode 24 Damage x Resume x Fake Smile
Episode 25 Slimy x Stingy x Inside a Cave
Episode 26 President x Interview x Paper Test
Episode 27 Hisoka x Kurapica x The Spider's Whisper
Episode 28 Chat x Excuses x Comparing Guts
Episode 29 Passed! x Failed? x End of Exams
Episode 30 Killua x Drop Out x Turn Back with Force
Episode 31 Dismissed x Party x Enemies are Bound to Meet
Episode 32 Tour x Tourist Attraction x Killua's House
Episode 33 Training x Hound x Concerted Effort
Episode 34 Skateboard x Probationer x Real Intention
Episode 35 Killua x Punishment x Family Conference
Episode 36 Coin x Reunion x Change of Clothes
Episode 37 Sky x Fighting x Cultivation of a Samurai
Episode 38 Burn x Idea x Nen?
Episode 39 Convene Skill x Register x The Fight Begins
Episode 40 Two Months x Rest x With Nen Restrict Nen
Episode 41 Bandage x Blow x Last for Winning
Episode 42 Hisoka's Love x Fight x Gon's Real Strength
Episode 43 Ability x Annoyance x Instinct of Slaughter or Talent x Distraught x Nature of Killing
Episode 44 Slice x Solve x The Experiment Ends!?
Episode 45 Restrict x Vow x Punishing Chains
Episode 46 I Came Back x You Are Back x I am Killua
Episode 47 Father x Secret x Claim 48 Kurapica x Black Eyes x First Job
Episode 49 Sounds in Heart x Kurapica x Life-Threatening Chain
Episode 50 Killua x Big Fortune x Hunter Bar
Episode 51 Spiders x York x The Staff
Episode 52 Underground Auction x Annihilation x Machine Gun
Episode 53 Ryodan x Injiyuu x Community
Episode 54 Hisoka x Alliance
Episode 55 Ubo x Kurapica x Senritsu's Conscience
Episode 56 Scarlet Eyes x Final Battle x Cost of Life
Episode 57 Gon x Treasure x Dangerous Man
Episode 58 Gon x Killua x The Fatal Shot
Episode 59 Spiders Web x Captured x Assassin Technique
Episode 60 Kurapica x Assassination Gang x Zoldick
Episode 61 Conglomeration of Spiders x Final War x Zoldick Family
Episode 62 Kurapica x The End x Partners of Mirage

Episode List
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