Which member of the Genei Ryodan are you?

1. A friend of yours has been spreading rumors about you behind your back. One day, this friend confronts you. How do you react?

a) Yell "You BASTARD!" and run up at the person angrily.
b) Glance at the person cooly.
c) Give the person a fierce glare and attack the person without a word.

2. You broke a vase and your parents walk into the room seconds later. What do you do?

a) Point at your 2 year old brother and yell, "He did it!"
b) Turn your back and pretend you were doing something else.
c) Grin sheepishly, then say, "Uh...I broke...the vase."
d) *Silence*

3. Among your friends you are:

a) The peaceful one.
b) the short tempered one.
The mediator in arguments.
d) A bit nonchalant.

4. How do you normally greet people?

a) As everyone else does.
b) Greet people? I never bother.
c) In my own special way!

5. You are eating ice cream and someone crashes into you, causing your ice cream cone to topple to the ground. Your reaction?

a) Kill the person, then whisper to their dead body that they shouldn't have bothered you.
b) Rant and rave at the person until the person apologizes in a scared tone.
c) Glare at the person cooly, then force the person to repay you by buying you another ice cream cone.

6. If your hatsu was one of these below, which one would it be?

a) You could use ice cubes to stop the flow of blood in other people's veins for as long as you could hold ren. (Not while you're holding ren...)
b) You can create several different worlds to transport others into. These worlds can be created with as much detail as you want as long as...
**The person transported in has never seen your ability before.
**The person must have met you for at least an hour.
c) You can copy any sound in the world, even the higher and lower pitches that normal humans cannot hear. You can hear these pitches because you used gyou on your ears instead of your eyes.
d) You create a cannonball that shoots out poisonous snakes. You can decide what types of poison these snakes shoot out, as well as the intensity and amounts of poison.
e) You can change the position of a person by changing the quality of the air flow around them. If the air has other substances in it, the substance can become any of its different states-- solid, liquid or gas. (So, technically, you don't move the person, but rather change the air flow so that they are forced to move.)
f) You can jump any distance by covering your feet with aura.

7. You're playing rock paper scissors; what's your first move?
a) Rock
b) Paper
c) Scissors
d) You analyze the personality of the other person and play a move accordingly. (Yes...this doesn't exist in standard RPS, but for this quiz...)
e)A single finger. (Like...a needle)

8. Security cameras have been installed in every corner of your room, so what do you do to avoid the cameras?
a) Search for cameras while you pretend to be reading.
b) Go around the room and look for cameras (you're not pretending to do anything else). Then draw a map of the location of cameras.
c) Destroy the room with the cameras as well!
d) Leave the room to avoid the cameras.

9. A flick of a sword by your opponent has shoved you off a cliff. The only thing you can think of is:
a) I'll get you back someday!
b) Calculate how far you'd have to fall and whether there are any footholds on the cliff.
c) Yell, "AHHHHHHH" and hope someone else will save you.
d) I'll die peacefully.
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