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Ch. 7:With some of the Hunters and tantei

Considering that the question now was whether or not they could trust Hiei, they voted that they should go and see what Hiei was up to. Killua seemed to lean toward the decision of tailing Hiei, while Gon preferred to go up to Hiei directly and ask Hiei whether or not if they could trust him. Most of the rest of them, however, seemed to prefer Killua’s idea over Gon’s, so they ended up spying instead.

Kurama was the only one who went close enough to see Hiei, while the rest of them scattered to other places near Kurama, yet invisible. Zetsu was applied to try to hide their presence. Their conversation proved that Hiei had probably told Kuroro what he wanted, since Kuroro had quit pestering. Still, Kurama found it profounding to believe that Hiei would give up so easily.

“So…we both took up the same profession,” Kuroro murmured after hearing out Hiei’s curt story.

“I killed more than you did,” Hiei pointed out.

“Your point? I’m a thief, I steal, not necessarily kill unless that’s needed in the stealing.”


“I note you say that a lot…

“So you can steal abilities. You better not touch mine you bastard,” Hiei warned, switching the topic.

“Are you sure you have abilities?” Kuroro asked, ignoring Hiei’s insult.


Yes…Kuroro thought, it’d be great if you showed me, then perhaps I can decide if you should join the Ryodan or not. We are short of members…and you’re great with the sword.

Hiei stopped shouting abruptly and turned around, suddenly switching from being mad at Kuroro to ranting at the hidden kitsune, “BAKA KITSUNE!! QUIT FOLLOWING ME!” Kuroro had also noticed that there was obviously someone hiding in the bushes about fifty feet behind them, but he hadn’t thought that the person was really of such importance or danger.

“Yeah Hiei! I’d prefer it if you showed me. Then you can prove your abilities actually exist,” Kuroro continued on with their earlier conversation without the intrusion of the kitsune. Hiei glared at Kuroro suspiciously, obviously wondering if showing him the ability would make him susceptible to having it stolen. Then he turned back to Kurama and noticed Kurama grinning at him.

“I wasn’t following you…Koenma’s calling another meeting,” Kurama lied, wondering if Hiei would see through his lie, which would cause all his carefully crafted plans to fail miserably.

“Who said I should listen to the toddler?” Good…he didn’t see through my lie…now all I have to do is pretend to convince him to go, Kurama thought.

“Koenma says it’s important,” Kurama prodded.

“I don’t trust your word, or his.”

“If you don’t go, he told me to tell you you might end up in jail.”

“Hn. Since when did you get so horrible at lying?”

Alright…so he didn’t say you’d go to jail…but he did say it’s important,” Kurama was glad that at least part of his plan had succeeded, and Hiei had believed Koenma was really calling a meeting.

“Too bad.”

Hiei couldn’t help but noticed a satisfied look on Kurama’s face as he walked away. What the hell is he so satisfied over? He didn’t convince me to go, after all. As Kurama left, he heard the dimming conversation between Kuroro and Hiei, which was more or less a one-sided conversation with Kuroro doing all the talking.

“Seems like your friends are bent on killing me,” Kuroro declared.


“I guess ‘hn’ is just your form of agreement?”


“So you agree with me?”



The hunters and tantei gathered again to discuss what to do next. After they’d all gathered, Yusuke glanced around and immediately noticed someone was missing.

“Hey…” Yusuke murmured, “Where’s Kuwabara?”

“Dunno…” Killua remarked, “wasn’t he in that bush over there?” They all walked over to check, and found an empty bush meeting them.

“Damn…did he not notice that we were meeting?” Leorio asked.

“Maybe…but how’d he just disappear?”

The instinct attached to someone being missing for Killua so far was ‘the person got kidnapped’. In this case, such an instinct seemed to fit very well, for Hisoka and Kuroro were both nearby raised the probability to an all time high.

“He might’ve gotten kidnapped…” Killua whispered.

“What?! And we didn’t notice the presence of the kidnapper?” Yusuke asked.

“Well, we were using zetsu…” Killua said.

“What about sounds? We should’ve been able to hear some shuffling of the leaves or sounds in the bushes…”

“If the person’s really skilled, maybe not,” Killua stated.

“We’re probably dealing with an enemy we’d already met earlier, who would profit from kidnapping someone to threaten us,” Kurama added.

“Maybe this is Hisoka?” Upon hearing the mention of Hisoka from Gon, Kurama instantly linked the name to Karasu and to anger, fear, and annoyance.

“Why Hisoka? He’s not exactly on the Ryodan’s side is he? I thought he wanted to challenge Kuroro? So his target should be a nen remover…he shouldn’t really care what we’re up to,” Kurama denied Gon’s statement.

“Perhaps he’s bored with waiting on Kuroro and the nen remover and has moved on to a new target,” Leorio murmured thoughtfully.

Yusuke suddenly found himself cracking up between his next words, “His new target…is…ha ha…. is…Kuwabara? If he wants to fight someone powerful…why Kuwabara? And besides, aren’t we getting a bit far from the topic? Maybe Kuwabara didn’t get kidnapped after all. Maybe he ran off because of boredom.”

“True…but there’s a little too many ‘maybe’s here,” Gon added.

“Let’s just assume the worst—that he did get kidnapped. So who’s the major suspect?” Kurama asked, knowing that assuming the worst would at least make sure they were less shocked when something horrible did happen.

“Hisoka. He’s our only enemy in this vicinity besides the Ryodan leader, and the Ryodan leader was busy talking to Hiei,” Killua analyzed.

Kurama thought over it. The Ryodan leader. They wouldn’t need to follow him anymore, considering that he’d just put a recorder in the bushes, which would serve its purpose in recording their entire conversation and any sounds of fighting.

“What about the rest of the Ryodan? Perhaps they’re around here too? You’d never know, right?” Yusuke questioned.

“Possible…but Kurapika set the conditions on the Judgment Chain on Kuroro to be that he can’t meet with the rest of his members unless he wants to die. Since one of their members already sacrificed her life to save Kuroro, the rest of the Ryodan should know better than to continue trying to meet Kuroro; they’d probably stay away from here until Kuroro gets the nen chain removed,” Killua explained.

“Okay…so we’re down to searching for Hisoka,” Kurama declared.


“Is Kurama associated with the legendary thief Youko Kurama?” Kuroro asked nonchalantly.

“Hn. He was known in Ningenkai?”

“No. I read about him before.”

“You read too much. Besides, you need to tell me about your abilities—that was in the contract too,” Hiei snapped. He wasn’t in the mood for a conversation and Kuroro seemed to want to prod him to no end.

“I don’t exactly believe you told the truth about what happened in Makai, so I can’t keep my side of the promise yet.” Damn! Hiei muttered in his mind. Does he have some kind of lie detector with him?!

“If you don’t believe me, that’s YOUR PROBLEM! You still have to tell me.”

“All right…” Kuroro grinned, pretending to be innocent in front of Hiei was easy, “I have no ability.”

“You’re a horrible liar for a thief, you know that?”

“No…you just don’t understand the truth—my ability can’t be used, so it’s as good as gone.”

“You’ll be able to use it once you meet the nen remover. SO TELL ME, DAMNIT!”

“I haven’t met him yet. And besides, the contract didn’t say ‘whatever abilities I’d learned or will have’, it just says, ‘my ability’. That, I believe, applies to the time being, of which I have no ability. If you help me get my ability back, maybe I’ll tell you…”

“What do you mean maybe?” Hiei snapped.

“I mean if you tell me the truth about what happened in Makai…”

Hiei thought over the situation—true, he hadn’t told Kuroro everything that’d happened in Makai, instead, he spent his time describing several fights he’d been in a while ago in detail so that Kuroro would believe his story. He’d omitted the part about Yukina and anything dealing with his family or the acquiring of the Jagan, and explained very simply his meeting with Yusuke.

Kuroro could tell that Hiei was lying because he felt some kind of aura on Hiei’s forehead—it felt like Hiei was using a very powerful gyou on an eye located there. Hiei had never explained where he’d gotten this third eye, obvious proof that he was lying.

“You saw what your friend was up to?” Kuroro questioned.

“Hn.” Yes. I saw him drop that damned ningen contraption into the bushes. He’s up to something, whatever the hell that is… Dark thoughts flooded Hiei’s mind.

Kuroro walked into the bushes and promptly picked up the recorder that Kurama had casually dropped. Then, he squished the recorder with his hands. Hiei turned to the bushes behind Kuroro. He could sense someone coming.

“Kuroro.” It was Hisoka.

“What?” Kuroro answered curtly.

“The nen remover is here.”

Kuroro turned around and faced Hisoka. In his clutches was…this guy…he was at the restaurant earlier…then he must be one of Hiei’s friends…Kuroro pondered. Hiei glanced around as well, though he was uninterested in whom the nen remover was. He was undoubtedly shocked when he saw Kuwabara, but let nothing show on his face.

“Shorty you bastard! Why are you conspiring with the enemy?!” Kuwabara shouted heatedly, thinking that Hiei had betrayed them.

“Hn. Baka.”

“Remember what I said,” Hisoka cut into their rather one sided conversation (since Hiei was barely talking), “hurry up and remove his nen or else I’ll…” Hisoka neglected to finish the threat that he’d declared earlier. He’d realized that this nen remover was so easy to scare. The last nen remover he’d found in Greed Island didn’t conform to any type of threat, even torture or death.

“SHUT UP! YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HER!” Kuwabara protested desperately.

Hiei stopped for a moment, mind whirling. Was Kuwabara talking about Yukina? He had to be, after all, he’d declared that he’d loved her…meaning that Hisoka must’ve seen Kuwabara’s weaknesses…and decided to threaten him in such a way.

“You’d better remove the nen chain,” Hiei stated to Kuwabara, also realizing the consequences if Kuwabara refused to do it.

“Shorty! I’ll kill you! I can’t believe you’re working for the enemy now! I thought you said you’d never listen to a human you BAKA!” Kuwabara ranted, not able to contain any of this anger.

“Shut up. Who said I was working for a human? I work for myself.”

Kuwabara turned to Kuroro, “Even if you get your nen back…I’ll kill you afterwards!”

“A lot of people have been threatening to kill me recently,” Kuroro stated.

“Not true,” Hisoka cut in, “I get to fight him first. And after I enjoy defeating him, I shall fight against Kurama, another enjoyable opponent…” It is unbelievable that fighting two very interesting opponents would rest in kidnapping one person. How very simple for me…Hisoka grinned.


Ok…done with chap. 7. I have no clue how I’m gonna write the part when Kuroro and Hisoka fight…who should win? I think it’d be a draw…anyways, I look forward to that fight when Togashi gets to it. Maybe I can do the fight between Kurama and Hisoka first, and save the rest for later...or I can just make sure Kuwabara doesn’t succeed in removing the nen chain…or that he succeeds in removing half the conditions…oh that was a long rant…and R&R…and I have no clue how Kuwabara suddenly gained this nen removing ability, but since he’s materialization (my assumptions from the spirit sword), I guess he’s got an affinity to be specialization…

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