Name: Kurapika

A.k.a: Kurapica, Curarpikt, Clapika, Curapika

DOB: April 4th

Age: 17

Location of birth: ????

Weight: 59 kg

Height: 171 cm

Nen Type: Materialization/Specialization

Blood Type: AB

Background: Kurapika was a member of the Kuruta clan and when he was 7 (or 8) the Genei Ryodan came to destroy the Kurutas for their eyes, which were considered a beautiful ornament. Kurapika was away from the village at the time of destruction, thus it is unknown how he later found out about the murder. (The Kurutas were a very secluded clan, so if they all died, no one would have been able to tell Kurapika besides the Ryodan themselves and possibly their clients)

After this traumatic incident, Kurapika vowed to get revenge on the Ryodan, going to great lengths to develop his nen.

Personality: Kurapika is normally calm and collected, except when he comes face to face with the Ryodan or anything of resemblence. For instance, during the Hunter Exam, one of the criminal-made-examiners pretended to be a Ryodan member, hoping to scare away his enemies. Kurapika's demeanor instantly changed, and he charged like mad despite the fact that his enemy wasn't really a Ryodan member.

Nen: Kurapika's nen type is materialization, which allows him to materialize objects. During his training session, Kurapika materializes five chains attached to each of his fingers. When his eyes become red, his nen type is no longer materialization; it changes to specialization. In this state, his attack, defense, and accuracy would increase to 100%.

The different chains:

o Thumb - Holy Chain
Heals wounds. If Kurapika's eyes are red and is in specialization, he can heal serious wounds very quickly.

o Middle finger - Chain Jail
Wraps around his enemies, and causes them to remain in zetsu state, in which no nen can be released from their shouko (vital points where nen is released). This chain can only be used on members of the Genei Ryodan, and if Kurapika does not follow this restriction, he will die.

o Ring finger - Dowsing Chain
Can find out where a person is located.

o Little finger - Judgement Chain
Chain that stabs his enemy's heart. He then sets a condition and if the enemy fails to follow the condition, he/she will die. He also stabbed his own heart with this chain under the condition that he must only use Chain Jail on the Ryodan.

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