What if???

What if Kuroro died?

Who should be the next leader of the Ryodan? Here's some arguments for different people: (this is all opinionated...not factual)

Shalnark: (I think it should be him...) He seems to be most capable of leading the Ryodan besides Kuroro. He's smart and proficient at making strategies--allowing him to be successfully lead the Ryodan out of troubles but still get the stolen goods they want.

Then, of course, a leader needs to be able to break arguments--otherwise if the Spiders were quarreling amongst themselves all the time, they wouldn't focus well on the task at hand, not forming a very effective team. Also, the leader cannot be involved in major quarrels with others, for who will be there to restore order?

The power of the Spider lies in their ability to complement each others weaknesses, and if they were to not work as a group, their effectiveness would drop. (Some of them would still be pretty good at one on one, but not everyone...) Shalnark seems to be pretty good at being a peacemaker, or at least better than the others, so he should be able to promote the groupwork effectivity.

Obviously, there might be other problems. For instance, Shalnark is rather carefree and enjoys sitting back and letting others do the leading. He isn't the type of person who can lead with authority, thus not forming a formidable leader whom the others might take commands with seriousness.

At the same time, the leader is supposed to be pretty powerful, right? Well...considering that all Shalnark has to do is point his cellphone in the direction of his prey to control them, its pretty easy for him to finish someone up...

Phinks: Phinks acted like the temporary leader when the Ryodan were in Greed Island and in the ant arc. He has a rather dominate personality, capable of declaring something and getting the others to all do as he says. Almost everyone respects his opinion, and mostly go along with him.

His flaw, however, is that he is unable to make good strategies, as he'd said himself in the ant arc, "Well...I always sucked at estimating..." Estimating is certainly involved in making good strategies, and if he can't do that, how can the rest of the Ryodan be sure they're doing the right thing?

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