What if.......

What if's...

1. Kurapika got his memories erased somehow and forgot about revenge against the Ryodan? (haha, this is only my hopes...)

2. Gon and Killua had gotten their memories erased by Pakunoda and joined the Ryodan?

3. The nen remover got controlled by Nefellpito, that Hisoka must fight the ant king in order to find the nen remover?

4. Gin is really just Yusuke under another name?

5. Feitan was hiding his age and is actually Killua's brother Alluka? (WOW! Then I guess Feitan did sorta continue the family business, even when running away...)

6. Neon got killed by her guards because she annoyed them too much? (I wish...but then Kuroro would lose his stolen ability...)

7. Gin is really Hisoka?

8. Gin is really Kuroro?

9. Kuroro is a Kuruta? (Okay, I know this is insane...hahaha)

10. Killua was lying about his age and is actually as old as Biske?

11. Machi actually likes Hisoka?

12. But then Hisoka decides to cheat on Machi?

13. Kuroro leaves the Ryodan forever?

14. Kurapika was actually a girl?

15. Leorio was a coverup Ryodan member?

16. Kurapika was a Ryodan member but decided to betray his comrades by trying to kill them?

17. Killua agrees to join the Ryodan?

Things Gon would never do/say:

1. I hate Killua, and I'm plotting ways to kill him.

2. I'm afraid of the Ryodan, so I'll join them to avoid death.

3. Forget about looking for my dad, I have better things to do!

4. Killua, did you know I lie a lot?

5. Oops, Killua, I killed______, and _____, and _____, etc.

6. Aww....I don't want to train anymore...I'm tired (continues complaining to Biske)

7. Hey Killua, don't you think Palm's really cute?

8. The Ryodan are so good at fighting...perhaps I should ask one of them to teach me...

9. Gon: Killua! Don't be so rash! We can't _______ because we might get killed, we can't _______ because we might get killed and we can't ______ because we might get killed, and...
Killua: ?? Gon is so wierd...

10. Killing is fun! I'm going to kill this person and that person and ....

Things Killua would never do/say:

1. *screams because of happiness* *squeals* *is extra hyper*
Gon: ?????? Is Killua on a sugar pill?

2. Biske: (speaking to Gon and Killua at 5:00AM) We have to get there in 5 hours and decide who to fight. Then we'll come up with a strategy to win.
Killua: *is clueless* Huh? So when do we get there?
Biske: (annoyed that Killua wasn't listening) IN FIVE HOURS!
Killua: 5 hours? So...if it's five right now...then 5+5 is equal to...hm...hm...uh...I forgot...oh yeah! TEN! No wait, Biske, ten, isn't that what we're practicing, so you still haven't told us the time yet...
Biske: (to Gon) Is this and idiot, or what?

3. Oh, I feel so homesick...I really wanna go home. (then, Killua leaves Gon and goes home...)

4. Killua (when at home): I think it's time to practice being an assassin again!

5. Hmmm...I wonder what gets Illumi out of his calm state...

6. (three days later) Killua finds out that Illumi loses his calm after eating chocolate. Killua: PERFECT! I'll buy lots of chocolate with the 3 million jenis we have...then...I'll eat all the chocolate and leave one for Illumi to go insane with.

7. Killua (during the time period when Gon can't use nen): Forget about protecting him...he's just unlucky he's so weak.

8. Biske!!!! You're so COOL!

9. Gon, I really want to go out with Palm. Do you think she'll agree?

10. I'm allergic to chocolates and all types of candy.

Things Kurapika would never do/say:

1. My main reason for killing Ubogin was because in order to join the Ryodan, you have to kill a member.

2. Kuroro is really scary. I don't want to die at his hands, so I'll just run and hide.

Some funny pictures here--I got them mostly at forums...etc. Oh...and please don't flame me for the contents in some of these pictures...and if one of these pictures is yours... tell me and I'll get rid of it...

Kurapika's dragging a helpless Kuroro with his chainjail...but why does Kurapika seem so happy?

Kurapika is talking to Kuroro on a line set up by the devious Hisoka...but Kuroro looks uneasy...and Kurapika is...excited...?
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