The Zoldicks


He's Killua's grandfather. He and Silva (Killua's father), teamed up to fight Kuroro.

Height: 161cm
Weight: 58kg
Age: 67
Blood Type: A
Nen Type: Transformation


Killua's father. Obviously very strong. He wanted Killua to be a great assasin and thought Killua had the potential. However, when Killua decided to leave his training and go with Gon, Silva let him go, telling him to be sure to be loyal to his friends.

Height: 198cm
Weight: 110kg
Age: 46
Blood Type: A
Nen Type: Transformation


A.k.a: Caruto, Calltt
Killua's younger brother. At first I thought it was his younger sister...but the Hunter's Guide says otherwise... Karuto joined the Ryodan for reasons unexplained. She herself seemed very homesick after she joined and wanted her brother...

Height: 150cm
Weight: 31kg
Age: 10
Blood Type: A
Nen Type: Manipulation


A.k.a: Miluki, Myllki
Killua's second oldest brother. Milluki is very fat and jealous of Killua. He is responsible for torturing Killua with whips and electrocution. Paradoxially, Killua could easily kill Milluki and threatens him often. When Killua escaped from home, he stabbed Milluki. Milluki is a computer genius, and has been looking to buy Greed-Island. Unfortunately, he can't afford it.

Height: 182cm
Weight: 141kg
Age: 19
Blood Type A
Nen Type: Manipulation


A.k.a: Irumi, Yellmi
Killua's oldest brother. Killua is very afriad of Illumi for two reasons :
1. Illumi uses nen, which Killua found out about later.
2. Illumi used a needle to manipulate Killua, which Killua discovered while fighting the ants. The needle caused Killua to falter in front of strong enemies, including Illumi. I'm wondering if Illumi did this because he thought one day Killua would surpass him, and thus wanted to keep his powers in check.

Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Age: 24
Blood Type: A
Nen Type: Manipulation


A.k.a: Kikyou
Killua's mom. She believes that Killua has great potential in assasin work and wants him to stay at home to learn how to kill. Unfortunately for her, Killua stabs her while he escapes from home.

Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Age: 24
Blood Type: A
Nen Type: Manipulation

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