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Ch. 3:

Karasu looked across the table and grinned when he saw Kurama. Kurama gaped in surprise at the sudden appearance of Karasu. The last thing he remembered was Hisoka staring strangely at him. Then, he had concentrated on finishing the rest of his ice cream until he felt a strange feeling sitting across from him. When he had looked up, he had seen a new person sitting there.

“What are YOU doing here?” Kurama blurted out, suddenly annoyed at Karasu’s emergence from nowhere.

“What business is that of yours? I’m just enjoying myself…or can I not do that?” Karasu smirked at the terrified and astounded look plastered on Kurama’s face. It was good to know that someone here was scared of him.

Gon looked at Hisoka/Karasu in bewilderment as if it were another one of Hisoka’s enigmas. He then walked over to Killua and whispered lightly in a shaky tone, “Is…this…still Hisoka …or …is this…someone…else?”

Killua shrugged and whispered back, “Probably another one of Hisoka’s tricks that he has up his sleeve.”

“But…did you see? He changed into that person,” Gon said pointed to Karasu, “in only a few seconds. How does he do it that fast?”

“Eh? Who knows?” Killua wondered to himself for a moment about Hisoka being able to randomly morph into unaccountable figures. Was it even explainable by logic? Probably not, but then Hisoka had always been an enigma.

“Isn’t it good to see me back?” Karasu asked as he made his way over to Kurama. Kurama looked apprehensive and irritated at the same time.

“What makes you think that that’s good? Besides…you should be…dead…” Kurama retorted.

“Dead? I’m perfectly fine right here. If you are asking about my resurrection, that’s a complicated one.” Karasu calculated his situation—enemies surrounded him, so if he attacked Kurama right now, and tried to capture him, he would most likely be facing a predicament. It was better to wait until they had all cleared off, when Kurama would be standing alone.

Luckily for him, Yusuke announced that perhaps they should treat themselves to another ice cream cone, since they had already made it this far. As they started their walk to the counter, Karasu reached forward and quickly held on to Kurama to pull him back. Kurama pushed away in shock, but to no avail.

At first, no one had noticed Karasu’s swift assault; they were all too busy focusing on getting their cones. Yusuke was the first to get his food, and when he turned around to walk back to their table, he suddenly noticed the Kurama and Karasu were nowhere in sight. Confused and surprised at the dilemma they would probably have to face if Karasu had disappeared with Kurama, he ran out the entrance of the parlor, shouting for Kurama.

When he stepped outside, Yusuke was countered by a blur of motions from inches in front of him. Apparently, Kurama and Karasu had made it outside to fight. Yusuke stepped back inside and shouted for the rest of them to hurry and come, earning himself a glare from the store manager for his loud and rude behavior.

Karasu set a bomb right under Kurama’s foot, which Kurama barely managed to avoid. Kurama struck out at Karasu with his rose whip, and Karasu moved his head aside to steer clear of Kurama’s shot. For the most part, they managed to circumvent each others attacks, until Karasu was distracted for a moment by Hisoka, who had been talking to him on the inside.

Kurama took advantage of this and attacked Karasu, who had just turned to evade the upcoming attack. The rose whip hit Karasu on the back. Though it did only trivial damage—a few shreds of cloth were ripped, it did enough to show Kurapika, who had been busy watching by the sidelines, the outline of a spider.

Kurapika stared frontward, surprised. Was that really a spider he had seen on Karasu’s back? No…he thought, frowning, it couldn’t have been, unless Kuroro had gotten a recruit already for the dead Ubogin. But…it was all possible, although he could have imagined the whole thing, considering the fast movements that Karasu had just made. His anger at the Ryodan, however, overcame his more analytical nature. He leapt in anger at Karasu, who had just recovered from circumventing a slash from the rose whip.

Everyone seemed so focused on the Karasu and Kurama fight that they didn’t seem to notice the change of color in Kurapika’s eyes. All that is, but Leorio. Leorio rushed over in an attempt to stop him, but it was futile effort against an incensed Kurapika.

Karasu tried his best to avoid the incoming attacks from both Kurapika and Kurama. While he was wondering of the sudden burst of anger from Kurapika, Hisoka decided this was a good moment to take over. Just as Kurama was about to attack again, he suddenly realized that Karasu had changed back.

Both Kurapika and Kurama stopped their subsequent attacks to speculate the sudden emergence of Hisoka. Hisoka did not seem quite so willing to fight at the moment, Kurapika noticed, although it was rather surprising that he would just give up so easily.

Yusuke mused at the sudden eruption of flame from Kurapika. His curiosity drove him to ask Gon and Killua for an explanation.

Gon looked worried when Yusuke asked the question, wondering how Kurapika would feel over the revealing of his secrets. Finally, he concluded simply with, “…Um…I think it’s better if Kurapika explains himself.”

Yusuke tried asking Kurapika, and got a silent gaze into the distance instead of an answer. Deciding that a second try would make no difference, he continued to plead Gon and Killua for an explanation.

In the end, it was Killua who finally gave in. “He’s only mad because…he just met a Genei Ryodan. They are an infamous group of thieves who killed all of Kurapika’s tribe—the Kuruta—of which only Kurapika lived. Kurapika vows to get revenge on them, and if--”

“So what does Karasu have to do with the Genei Ryodan?” Kuwabara cut in, without bothering to wait for Killua to finish his explanation.

“Be quiet!” Yusuke grumbled, annoyed with Kuwabara’s sudden intrusion, “Just let Killua finish talking first!”

“Karasu had a spider on his back, and that reminded Kurapika of the Genei Ryodan because their symbol is the spider.” Killua completed his long awaited explanation.

While everyone seemed focused on listening to the story of Kurapika’s past, Hisoka waited for a good moment to make his leave. It was a waste of time staying here and waiting for them to talk, he decided, so he left to go enjoy himself.

When all their talk had been done, they finally noticed that Hisoka/Karasu had gone missing. Not that it really mattered to Kurama, he felt almost relieved that a pernicious devil such as Karasu had finally departed.

“Do you guys think we should track him? I mean, it was our mission to try and find Hisoka, who was a member of this dangerous ‘Genei Ryodan’, right?” Yusuke asked, suddenly remembering their mission after all thecommotion.

“Right. So where do we begin?” Kuwabara pondered.

“Let’s find out where Hisoka went first, then we can see if…he or Karasu have anything to do with the Genei Ryodan,” Kurama proposed. Then, he turned to ask Hiei to use his Jagan to locate Hisoka’s position.

Hiei ripped the bandana off his Jagan. A few moments later, he declared succinctly, “He’s in a bar, just two blocks away from here. He’s just got himself some fruit sake.”

“Wow,” Yusuke said, “is this guy intending on getting drunk or what? That bar’s got the most concentrated sakes around.”

“How would you--” Killua was about to ask just how Yusuke knew so much about this particular bar.

“I’ve been there, a ton of times. The sakes may be concentrated with alcohol, but they’re still good tasting.”

They decided to all head off to the bar, so as to check out what Hisoka/Karasu was up to. The bar was just around the corner from the train station, where they had just been prior to coming to the ice cream parlor. As they approached the bar, Kurapika asked, “Are you guys sure it’s a good idea for us to all go barging in there at once? Wouldn’t that be kind of suspicious to the people, including Hisoka, in the bar.”

“Good point. Maybe only a few of us should go in instead, to spy, and the rest can wait outside in the case of danger,” Kurama agreed.

“Who’ll go in then?” Leorio asked, surprised that their “e-mail enterprise” had turned out to be something a lot more complicated.

“I propose Yusuke and Killua.” Gon said. He had decided it would be good for Yusuke and Killua to go in, considering that they had not been involved in any way with the earlier fight with Hisoka/Karasu, and thus would not evoke suspicion from Hisoka.

Yusuke and Killua went in, going through the sliding doors. Inside, they saw several other customers. Killua realized that they were probably the youngest people in this bar, and could possibly be kicked out for being under the age limit.They both strided over to the counter and ordered something to drink so as to hide the suspicion of them being in the bar.

They sat down in a corner, a perfect position for watching Hisoka’s every move, so long as he never found out. As they settled themselves into their drink, Killua noticed Hisoka’s glance back at them. For a moment, he wondered if Hisoka had just glanced back briefly, or if he had actually noticed them. He diverted his gaze from Hisoka back to his drink, hoping that Hisoka wouldn’t notice them in the dim-lit bar.

Ok….Done with ch. 3. I didn’t realize that I deleted the other ch. 3 and didn’t leave an original copy, so I had to type up this one from scratch. I think it mostly follows the plot of the other one, except for the ending…(this one ends earlier…and I got more focused on the original plot..)

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