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Ch. 4:

Killua sipped the fruit, and the supposedly harmless cocktail that he had ordered for himself. As he drank, he felt that there was something about it that just didn’t taste right, as if there were hints of very strong wine floating in the fluid. As the pinkish brownish liquid flowed down his throat, he felt a stinging sensation creep in his esophagus. Do cocktails cause your throat to hurt? He wondered.

Killua remembered the contents of a fruit cocktail from the description on the menu; it had said that they were simply made of fermented fruit. They hadn’t declared anything about intensely fermented fruit that might cause your throat to go through pain. (AN: I don’t have any clue what they’re made of; fermented fruit is probably really strong, not really what Killua was looking for…)

Killua decided it was best to ask the older one what the components of a fruit cocktail were.

“Hey…Yusuke, do you know what fruit cocktails are made of?”

Yusuke stared at Killua, befuddled for a moment in the rather random question. Then, he declared, “Um…No clue, but probably fermented fruit.” Just what I thought. Killua thought.

Yusuke cut through his thoughts and said, “Well, you don’t have to worry about being drunk, most likely it’s only a few days worth of fermented fruit…”

Killua nodded, pondering what Yusuke had just said. How could it be that such a strong taste…was only a few days worth of fermentation? Something’s really fishy here…Killua thought.

They proceed to sip nonchalantly at their drinks for the next half hour, until Yusuke noticed that Killua’s features and movements had suddenly turned sluggish and lethargic.

Was he even watching Hisoka, Yusuke wondered, or is he just leaving me to do all the hard work? Then, he noted that something was wrong with the boy, or else why were his eyes and face all of a sudden blank and dull?

“Hey. You okay?” Yusuke asked.

“Uh…something’s wrong with the cock…” Killua didn’t finish his reply. Instead, he suddenly leapt out of his seat, swaying and shaking. Yusuke, guessing that his destination was the restroom, quickly led him around toward the other side of the bar. For now, Yusuke decided, it didn’t matter if Hisoka saw them or not; it was more crucial to get Killua into safety first.

Upon making their way around the other side of the bar, Hisoka came into view. Yusuke noticed that Hisoka was constantly giving them amused glances. Annoyed, he rushed into he restroom. What the hell did that bastard think was so funny, he thought bitterly.

The minute they got in, Killua rushed into one of the stalls, while Yusuke waited outside. Just as he was pondering frantically on what to do next, the most unwanted figure suddenly appeared in the doorway.


“What—” Yusuke immediately asked.

“Heh…don’t you think its me who should be asking ‘what’ since you guys have been following me for reasons that remain oblivious to me?”

“Ugh…well…” Yusuke glared at Hisoka, wondering what he was up to.

“Too bad Killua isn’t feeling so well. It seems as if the cocktail he drank is beginning to take its toll.”

“WHAT!!!?!! What kind of stuff did you put in there?” Yusuke gaped, catching up onto Hisoka’s hint.

He wondered if Hisoka had set his hands on some deadly poison and had slipped it into Killua’s drink. But then, he thought, how was it that Hisoka had somehow managed to get the poison into the drink when all the preparations took place behind the counters? Unless, that is, Hisoka was an employee of the bar…or unless he bribed or threatened one the bartenders.

“Did you poison him?!” Yusuke yelled, ready to punch Hisoka in the face. Just as he was getting ready to though, Killua popped out of the stall.

Killua, upon making it out of the stalls alive and seemingly well, spoke up, “No…it couldn’t have been poison. Poison has no effect on me.”

Those last words gave Yusuke his second shock for the day. That the kid was immune to poison?! Then, he thought, what other weird things could Hisoka have put in there? No…look on the good side Yusuke, at least now, your choices in what Hisoka could’ve put in Killua’s drink are narrowed down. Then, it dawned on him, whatever Killua had asked him earlier: it was probably an overdose of fermented fruit.

Then, as if Hisoka had read Yusuke’s thoughts, he added, “Considering what he just said, I obviously put something else…something that would cause him to be so drunk…”

Killua glared at Hisoka. What had that bastard dared to put in his drink? The tailing Hisoka objective had apparently turned out to be devastating, both to his health and to their plans. He was about to shout at Hisoka, but then decided it was best to save his energy for the fight that was sure to come soon.

Outside the Bar: Gon peered into the dark windowpane of the bar and saw the shady figure of Killua rise and then a taller figure arise as well to help him. Why are they getting up? He wondered. Then, to his extra surprise, the two shady figures suddenly cut to the left and made their way to the other side of the bar. What are they doing? Don’t they know that Hisoka’s there?

“Everybody! Look inside! Killua and Yusuke are walking to the other side of the bar!” Gon shouted, catching everyone’s attention, as their brains had been wandering off to elsewhere a few moments ago. They all glimpsed inside, and seven pairs of eyes stared in shock through the glass pane.

Inside the bar: Hisoka felt eyes glaring at him from a source other than Yusuke or Killua. He traced the source to the window, and realized that it must’ve been their friends who were wondering what was going on.

Heh…I wonder if Kurama is outside watching. If he is…perhaps it would be of great interest to me fight him…after all…Youko Kurama is the infamous thief of Makai…

By now, Hisoka had put Kurama on his “to fight” list, just like Kuroro. Hisoka decided that the only way to somehow challenge Youko was to either let Karasu do the challenging, or, so that he, Hisoka, could have the fun of fighting, kidnap one of Kurama’s friends.

Earlier, the supposed victim had remained undecided, but, as soon as Yusuke and Killua had walked into the bar, he looked around and decided to kidnap Yusuke, thinking that since he was the closest to him, it would be easier to seize him than to capture someone else.

When he’d first noticed that Killua and Yusuke had come into the restaurant to try to tail him, he’d decided it was best to get rid of one of them so he could kidnap the other. When he set his kidnapping goals on Yusuke, he attempted to make Killua drunk.

Hisoka had spent some time persuading the bartender to let him drop a sliced lemon into Killua’s drink. He’d told the bartender that Killua was his friend and that he intended to give his sour-hating friend a surprise by leaving him with the gift of a lemon. In the huge lemon, Hisoka had placed his concoction of intensely fermented fruit.

Hisoka had added some medicine in the lemon so that the minute it entered Killua’s throat, he would feel some stinging sensations, which would later turn to dizziness. After the first period of dizziness was over, there would be a second outbreak, and then Killua would fall unconscious.

Now, Hisoka knew was the perfect chance to attack Yusuke. He planned to attack swiftly, and when Killua attempted to aid Yusuke, the second outbreak of the medicine would take place, and unconsciousness would overtake him. Go to Chapter 5.
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