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Ch. 5 of Revived:

Hisoka had thought it would be easy to knock Yusuke unconscious, until a blue haired girl beat him to it. She burst through the bar’s doors and as she ran in, she carelessly knocked down a few chairs, but quickly made it over to Yusuke.

“Yusuke! Koenma says he needs to talk to you! Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara are already there!” Botan shouted. Botan somehow managed to postion herself between Hisoka and Yusuke, despite the fact that she had no clue about Hisoka’s devious plans.

Hisoka desperately wanted Botan to get out of the way, but unknowingly, she remained in between Yusuke and Hisoka, moving directly in front of Hisoka every time he shifted postion to attack. Hisoka decided he might as well just destroy Botan as well to get to his target, but Yusuke had already used the lapsed time Botan had given him to get out of the bar.

***At Koenma’s Office***

Yusuke arrived just in time to hear Koenma say the words, “…thus, Hisoka isn’t really a member of the Ryodan anymore. That, however, doesn’t make him any less dangerous, because he’s assisting the leader of the Ryodan in retrieving his nen back.”

“What’s nen?” Yusuke asked suddenly.

Koenma launched into a brief description of nen, hoping that Yusuke wouldn’t ask more questions to complicate things so that he could go on with his earlier explanation. Detailed explanations about nen might take hours and still leave Yusuke uninformed, along with the added nuisance of confusion.

After a moment of silence when everyone absorbed the big chunk of information about nen, Koenma announced, “I’ve managed to get some pictures of the Ryodan from the Mafia that runs the Yorkshin Auction.” He handed them some pictures.

“Mafia?” Yusuke repeated, shocked that Koenma had gotten his resources from such an immoral place, “You got your information from Mafia?”

“Apparently, Mafia wants to get rid of the Ryodan, but claims that they are far too dangerous for them to deal with because they are from the City of the Shooting Star.”

The City of the Shooting Star…Hiei’s eyes brightened at the mention of the words. He hadn’t expected their enemy to be from a place he knew so well.

“But if Mafia hates the Ryodan, that must mean that the Ryodan aren’t bad…” Kuwabara stated, having decided that the world’s people were only classified as either “good” or “evil” and that if Mafia was bad, and they hated someone, the one they hated had to be good.

“You fool!” Hiei yelled, “The world isn’t just 2-D image! Mafia is bad, but their enemies don’t necessarily have to be good! It might just be some feud for power!”

After their argument ended, they finally began looking at the pictures. Usually Hiei had a blank expression on his face whenever their missions were concerned, but this time, Kurama detected a look of surprise in his eyes as he stared at the pictures. Why Hiei seemed so interested came as a mystery. Eventually, Kurama traced the source of Hiei’s incessant glaring—a man with black hair and dark eyes. Under the picture was the name, “Kuroro Lucifer”.

Hiei stared at Kuroro’s face. Hmm…he looks just a bit different from all those years ago… Memories about Kuroro filled Hiei, good memories that he’d thought the Forbidden Child hadn’t deserved. Moreover, he hadn’t quite expected Kuroro to turn into the leader of the most wanted criminal group in Ningenkai, but then again, Kuroro probably would’ve been just as shocked to find Hiei with the same wanted sign over his head. At least, Hiei decided, this will be one of the few missions I’ll be interested in.

“You know anything about else him?” Hiei asked as he jabbed his finger at Kuroro’s picture.

Koenma looked at Hiei in surprise. Since when had Hiei become so interested in their missions? Hiei had never liked being forced to save Ningenkai, yet this time, he was actually persistent in helping?

“No…not really much…” Koenma muttered, faltering at his lack of information about Kuroro’s abilities or the life he led. “But…I’ve heard he can steal abilities, except that he can’t use nen right now, so that’s useless.”

Hiei’s eyes widened, then quickly reverted to normal to cover up for his stunned reactions. Now Koenma had really aroused his interest in Kuroro’s abilities. Hiei had remembered sparring with him…playing games…sneaking out…but they had never spoken to each other about any of their abilites, not that they would’ve had any at that age anyway. What kind of conditions did Kuroro have to allow him a capability like that?

“What about the rest of them, what can they do?” Kurama broke into Hiei’s thoughts.

“Umm…I don’t really know…um…wait….maybe…I know about one of their abilities…but she’s dead…”

“And that’s just very very helpful!” Yusuke muttered sarcastically, “What’s the use if she’s dead?”

“Well, it can get you used to the level of abilities most of the Ryodan have: Pakunoda can read a person’s memories just by touching them, and not just the surface thoughts a person’s mind has, but all the things the person remembers.”

“But what if the person has amnesia?” Kuwabara cut in.

“That’s off the topic, baka!” Hiei yelled, wanting Kuwabara to shut up so they could get more information out of Koenma in a faster time.

“That’s it to her ability?” Yusuke asked, surprised that her skills were so simple. If she didn’t have any defense or attack skills, obviously she’d end up dead, he decided.

“No! I only know part of her ability, there’s more to it, I just don’t know what or how much more!” Koenma snapped, annoyed at Yusuke’s sarcastic outbursts.

“Well,” Kurama began, “I’m sure the pictures will be enough to spot them first. Then we can track them and observe their abilities and attack them later.” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Outside:

Hisoka had already had the nen remover in his clutches—the only trouble dealt with the costs—the nen remover refused to remove Kurapika’s nen chain without a sufficient pay, even under Hisoka’s threat of death and torture. Hisoka knew there was no point in killing him, since he still wouldn’t be able to free Kuroro from Kurapika’s nen chains.

He decided to find Kuroro, but wondered if being half Ryodan—Karasu was a Ryodan and represented half of him, would be enough to fulfill the conditions that Kurapika had set. He didn’t really want to take the chance, but wanted to test his scope.

Karasu sighed inwardly at Hisoka’s desicion, he was a lot more loyal than Hisoka was to Kuroro, at least he didn’t feel it was right to betray his friends and experiment with one of their lives. But since Hisoka had control of the body right now, and Karasu was too tired to take over, there wasn’t any choice but to go along with it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Kuroro walked down the streets, bored with life. He decided that since he’d already lost most of what was precious to him, he might as well enjoy the rest of his life to the fullest. He walked into a crowd of people who were gathered around a violinst and came out with a handful of money, unknowingly to the uninformed crowd. Then, he dashed down the street to a nearby restaurant called Le Boulanger, hoping the food would relieve his depressed spirit. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The four tantei came back with a nice load of information, and decided to enjoy themselves a bit. Despite the fact that they were wearing their normal, casual attire, and Hiei’s protests that he’d rather go sleep in a tree than eat in a restaurant, they headed off to a classy French restaurant a few blocks away. As they strolled in, the door greeter let a slight bit of annoyance show. When they had been seated, had looked over the menu, and had ordered, they talked about their mission.

“If Kuroro can steal abilities, does that mean the victim cannot use his abilities?” Yusuke pondered.

“Most likely,” Kurama replied, “Which means it’ll be hard to fight him unless you have several different abilities in stock.”

“What nen type do you think he is?” Kuwabara asked.

“Specialization; his abilities don’t fit anywhere else…” Kurama mumbled. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

“Specialization; his abilities don’t fit anywhere else…” Kuroro had just taken a few sips of the coconut juice he’d ordered when he overheard the last sentence of some people who were sitting behind him talking. Being surprised that there were some nen users in the restaurant, he decided to eavesdrop a little longer.

“And the dead one must be specialization as well, “ Yusuke concluded, “Not that that’ll help much. We won’t need to fight her.”

Dead one? And they were also talking about fighting a specialization user…

“Wait…that guy’s dead too, so that makes only ten in total to fight,” Yusuke stated.

“No, actually only nine if we take action now,” Kurama pointed out, “One of them can’t use nen. But if we don’t start now, maybe he’ll get it back.”

Ten people…and one can’t use nen…get it back…Kuroro pondered…that sounds a lot like us…Deciding that their conversation might be affiliated with the Ryodan, he found himself even more absorbed. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hiei hadn’t bothered participating in their conversation. Instead, he occupied his time musing about Kuroro.

Hiei remembered being dropped off the cliff, then falling into a portal. At the time, he had no clue that the portal led to the City of the Shooting Star. He flew through it at an incredible speed, and then his new life had begun.

A man called Sipihis had picked him up from the streets. Siphis had another foster child living with him, an orphan who had barely survived a war in Ningenkai. The child had a mop of black hair and a peculiar cross on his forehead. Soon, he was to be known to Hiei as “Kuroro”.

When they were four, Hiei remembered Kuroro’s questions about his name that had eventually led to his naming:

“What’s your name?” Kuroro asked.

“It’s…um…” Unable to come up with an answer, Hiei countered with, “What’s yours?”

“I asked first. So you have to answer first. And besides, you already know my name!”

“Well I’m not answering until you answer!”

“But I asked first! And you know my name!”

“Fine then. Guess!”

“Um……uh……Hiei!” Kuroro came up with ‘Hiei’ based on hearing Siphilis talk about ‘Mount Hiei’ of ‘Japan’.

“No! You’re wrong!And you only get three guesses!”

“Hey! That’s not fair! Your name is Hiei!”

“No it’s not!”

“Yes it is!”

…etc. until cycle is repeated three times…

“Okay! You’ve used up all three guesses and guessed wrong!” Hiei concluded, although he knew that Kuroro would never get it right no matter how many times he guessed because he didn’t have a name.

“No…you’re just lying…your name is Hiei!”

Soon afterwards, Kuroro began referring to him as ‘Hiei’ whenever they were talking, playing, or causing whatever kinds of trouble typical four-year-olds caused. The name had stuck. Hiei had complained one day that his name wasn’t his and was made up by Kuroro, but Kuroro had playfully claimed that he was only making sure Hiei no longer had trouble whenever people tried asking him his name. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

“Hey Hiei! You look like you’re sleeping with your eyes open!” Yusuke yelled, laughing after seeing the blank look on Hiei’s face.

“Hn.” Hiei muttered, annoyed at being disturbed.

“I thought only fish slept with their eyes open…and Hiei’s not a fish…he’s a shrimp..” Kuwabara concluded, laughing at his own joke.

Hiei glared at Kuwabara, annoyed with his inane jokes that only he himself found funny enough to laugh at.

After hearing “Hey Hiei!” Kuroro had wondered if he’d heard right, or if they were referring to a different ‘Hiei’…He wanted to turn around and see, but wondered if his sudden spin would catch their attention. He decided to wait until he called the waiter to pay the bill, then quickly stand up and turn around. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Yay! I did something to the plot…anyways…this time I won’t have as much trouble writing the next chapter as I did last time…this time I have plenty of ideas! Yes! Oh…and of course…stuff that everyone says: please review!

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