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Ch. 6 of Revived:

Last time: After hearing “Hey Hiei!” Kuroro had wondered if he’d heard right, or if they were referring to a different ‘Hiei’…He wanted to turn around and see, but wondered if his sudden spin would catch their attention. He decided to wait until he called the waiter to pay the bill, then quickly stand up and turn around.

It felt a while before the waiter finally came, but Kuroro took the chance to rise and turn to catch a glimpse of “Hiei” out of his peripheral vision. A spiky haired, red-eyed demon who was slumping in his chair abruptly came into the view, and his thoughts were confirmed.

Meanwhile, the tantei were getting ready to leave. Each separated into their own ways, and Hiei landed himself in a nearby tree for some sleep, of which Kuroro had no intention of giving him. Deciding that Hiei was in a vulnerable position while asleep, Kuroro thought it would be amusing to surprise him, obviously not expecting any fatal consequences from Hiei’s katana.

Kuroro took a huge leap and settled on the tree branch right in front of Hiei. Hiei, who was still half asleep, found incredulous for a second how a human could possibly have taken a single jump and managed to secure himself on such a high branch. Then, letting his normal instincts take over, Hiei whipped out his katana and slashed it at Kuroro’s face. Kuroro slid back on the branch to avoid the slash.

“That was a nice welcome Hiei,” Kuroro stated, referring to Hiei’s sudden attack.

“Hn….what the hell?” Hiei cut off his usual reply with a look of surprise—the guy crouching on awkwardly on the tree branch matched the picture that Koenma had showed them…the big black eyes…the locks of black hair…Kuroro Lucifer. Hiei met Kuroro’s steady gaze with the same remote, aloof glance.

“So you’re in the human world again…I wonder…if…you remember this?” Kuroro smirked as he held out his half of the worn childish ‘contract’ they had both signed years ago that had forced Hiei to tell Kuroro about the incidents he’d seen after he’d left the City of the Shooting Star for Makai.

“How the hell do you keep things for so long?” Hiei muttered, annoyed that Kuroro actually remembered and had bothered to keep the contract to such a promise; after all, Kuroro almost always disposed of the old things that no longer interested him. Worse, this was one promise that Hiei didn’t feel like keeping—whatever scenes he’d seen in Makai were secrets better off kept unexposed, and he felt that Kuroro was certainly not the type of person one could tell deep secrets to, especially secrets that could be used for blackmail in later situations.

“Are you saying that you don’t? You always wore black, so I guess you still haven’t changed your color preferences.”

“Color preferences aren’t things like that contract, they’re--”

“Nah, I think they are things, since they certainly don’t fit under the category of ‘people’ or ‘places’.” Kuroro smirked again at Hiei’s obvious infuriation. Hiei glared, but Kuroro retained his composed stature, after all, there’d been plenty of times when people had thrown him death glares, glares that if were converted to a nen attack, would probably destroy him in one second flat.

“Shut the hell up!” Hiei snapped upon realizing that he had taken stance of the losing side of the argument. Then, to make sure it was the end of their argument and that he’d had the last word, he pulled out his katana yet again to slice off the branch that Kuroro was resting on, hoping to gain the satisfacation of seeing Kuroro collapse on the ground.

Seeing a blade flash in his face, Kuroro moved further away from the trunk of the tree, resting almost on the edge of the branch and sagging the branch dangerously close to a snapping position.

Then, he realized that Hiei wasn’t aiming for his face, but rather the branch. He leapt off the branch and dived toward another sturdier branch on the tree, knowing that it would annoy Hiei further if he stayed in the tree. Hiei glared at the branch he’d just cut as it tumbled like a boulder down a mountain toward the ground without the main target attached to it.

“GET OFF MY TREE--” Hiei yelled while brandishing his sword in Kuroro’s face.

Oh really? Your tree? Since when has public park property become yours—” Kuroro’s sarcastic remark was cut short by a familiar voice from the restaurant.

“It’s not a good idea to get on Hiei’s bad side, that is, if you value your life,” Kurama stood on the ground next to the tree, and considering that he had only seen the back of Kuroro, he didn’t recognize that this was the leader of infamous Genei Ryodan he was talking to. Moreover, even if Kuroro had turned around, there was still a chance his change of appearance from his hair being slicked up (as was shown in Koenma’s pictures) and his outlook with his hair falling into his eyes would prove a good enough transformation.

“What if you don’t value it?” Kuroro remarked. He turned around, and barely managed to smooth the signs of surprise on his face at seeing Kurama. He was the guy in the restaurant…

“If you don’t value your life, then I’ll take it from you.” Hiei muttered, although more than half of his statement was just a joke. To make sure Kuroro thought of it as a real threat, however, he leapt at him, katana in hand, causing Kuroro to miss his footing on the branch while he ducked. Hiei, thinking that Kuroro had actually fallen, quit his attack, but upon seeing that Kuroro had neatly landed on his feet, resumed his hunt.

“HIEI—” Kurama began then instantly stopped when he saw Kuroro’s eyes—they were the eyes from that picture. Considering that Kuroro was the enemy, Kurama felt no need to stop Hiei and left him alone to resume the attack.

Kuroro couldn’t help but marvel at Hiei’s exceptional sword skill. Perhaps…it would be good if I asked him to join the Ryodan. Still, he is as hostile as he was before…which means it’ll take a long time of convincing before I succeed. That’s alright…I have the patience…and plenty of time.


“Do you think we should go see what the two kids and their friends are up to?” Yusuke asked Kuwabara, wondering if any of the new information they’d received should’ve been explained to their allies.

When they’d gotten to the bar, they saw Killua and Gon discussing matters with Leorio, who seemed to be more absorbed in eating the food they’d just gotten from a nearby fast food restaurant than listening to Gon and Killua talk.

“Hey guys!” Yusuke yelled. He then proceeded to tell the hunters about the other information they’d received, only to have his high hopes be dampened by ice water—they’d already known that Hisoka was no member of the Ryodan, and what most of the Spiders looked like as well.

“I…” Gon began, “ I’m just a bit worried about whether or not Kurapika should continue with his revenge against the Spiders.”

“Huh?” Kuwabara asked, “What’s wrong with revenge, I mean, the Ryodan are the bad guys, right?”

“Yah,” Leorio said, “except that they’re really powerful…and they know how to exploit the weaknesses of others…Kurapika could end up killed if he faces them again…especially if he refuses our help!”

“Wait…” Yusuke mumbled, “Kurapika already faced them before?”

“Yeah. That’s how the leader can’t use nen anymore and how two of them were dead,” Gon explained, “But if he goes again, well…the Spider’s leader is probably going to get his nen back later since Hisoka’s rather apt on challenging him in his full power…and…the Ryodan won’t get tricked twice.”

“And Kurapika is going to be really tired if fights them for too long,” Gon concluded.

“That’s not a problem,” Kuwabara declared, “We’ll be there too! Do you guys know the abilities of any of them?”

“Hmm…well…one of them’s really good with a sword—” Gon began, only to have his speech cut short without even finishing the first sentence.

“Oh! Then I’ll face him with my spirit sword!” Kuwabara yelled, “See what he has to defeat that!”

“Be quiet Kuwabara! We don’t even know exactly how good this sword guy is anyway, so quit jumping to conclusions!” Yusuke scolded Kuwabara for his charade about being able to defeat an enemy whose abilities they’d never even gauged before.

“…and another one seems to enjoy torture…I think he’s called Feitan—”

“Oh Feitan?” Kuwabara questioned, as the picture he’d seen of the short torturer surfaced in his mind, “Feitan’s just a shrimp like Hiei! He should be really easy—”

“SHUT UP!” Yusuke yelled, finally losing his patience, “Don’t just judge people by their height, and I’m sure this Feitan person would be highly annoyed with you if you went around saying he was a shrimp, not to mention that you’d also have to experience Hiei’s wrath for calling him that as well.”

“Feitan wouldn’t hestitate to torture, you know, so it’s probably best to either stay clear of him, or at least not insult him…” Killua added.

“Anyways…we don’t know that many of their abilities so…I guess we’ll have to wait and discover,” Gon summed up his drawn out dialogue.


“You’re stuck with your promise, whether you like it or not.”

“Damn you! Do you prefer to die? If not, THEN SHUT UP!” Hiei glared at Kuroro and slashed his sword at him threateningly. Kuroro barely managed to dodge to the side, but still got his shirt ripped.

“If you’re trying to threaten me, you certainly aren’t very convincing.” Kuroro realized that he was in the mood for a good fight with a good opponent. Great…I’m acting more and more like Hisoka now, must be the effects of hanging around him…

Kurama, watching from afar, realized that Kuroro and Hiei were discussing some type of a ‘contract’ that had been made between them.

Deciding that Hiei delved in his privacy, Kurama decided not to eavesdrop on their conversation about ‘contracts’, and chose to leave to find where Yusuke and Kuwabara had gone. It was obvious that Hiei wouldn’t need any help fighting, since he didn’t seem to be engaging in battle at all. I wonder if this explains Hiei’s weird reaction when he saw Kuroro’s picture…


Kurama realized that he was worried about what Hiei and Kuroro was talking about. His intuition told him to go back there right now and eavesdrop, no matter how much respect he should’ve given to Hiei’s privacy. Instead, Kurama came to the conclusion that his sixth sense wasn’t quite that sensitive, and decided to carry out his first decision.

“Kurama!” Kuwabara yelled as he saw Kurama appear within his eyeshot.


“Where’s Hiei?” Yusuke asked, although he decided it was impossible for Kurama to know where Hiei was; he was probably in some tree snoozing off, finishing the nap he’d felt was unfinished earlier.

Kurama’s answer undoubtedly shocked him, “Talking with Kuroro.”

“WHAT?! He found Kuroro already?!” everyone besides Kurama had a look of shock mixed with confusion and anxiety plastered across their face.

“Yeah…and Hiei seems to prefer not fighting.”

Another wave of shock passed through all of them.

“They were talking about some type of a contract—one that they made many years ago, it seems.”

Considering that two major surprises had shocked them enough, they were now immune to any more astounding discoveries and no one let looks of astonishment escape onto their face from the newest piece of lightning that had just struck them.

“So…they’d met before?” Killua asked, now suspicious of whether or not Hiei was actually going to be a loyal ally, or whether he’d be a freelancing roamer like Hisoka, who went wherever the prize was located.

“It seems so…anyways, this contract thing seems to deal with Hiei telling Kuroro something…”

“What?! It’d better not be information about us..” Killua muttered, now letting his suspicious nature show through entirely. Before he could begin to rant some more about Hiei’s ‘betrayal’ (of which he had decided based on the limited information he’d just received), Kuwabara cut in, “I highly doubt that…I mean, if Hiei had made this promise years ago, Kuroro couldn’t possibly have known us then.”

Great! Kurama thought sarcastically. Hiei wouldn’t just betray a friend of his…although it had always seemed that Hiei was more or less a loner before, and couldn’t have possibly had a friend, but if he did have one, they wouldn’t only be fighting against Kuroro now, they’d be waging war against Hiei as well.


Hmm…it seems I haven’t wrote anything about Karasu and Hisoka this chap…oh well…promise there’ll be more of them next chap. I guess the plot’s finally working…should I use Meteor City instead of City of the Shooting Star? The latter one’s rather long….

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