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Summary: Karasu is resurrected as Hisoka. Karasu, as Hisoka, still wants Kurama. The reikai tantei and the hunters must stop him before things get far too complicated.

Ch. 1: At Kurama’s House

It was just another night—or at least it looked like it was going to be—until midnight that night. When Kurama thought he was finally going to get some sleep, he heard a rapping sound at the window.

At first, he ignored it; thinking that it was probably just the leaves clouting against the windowpane. Then, the sound became much louder, as if someone was trying to knock his window in. Alarmed, Kurama slid out of bed, ready to stop whichever intruder was coming into his house.

To his surprise, it was Botan banging at the window with her oar. It must have been another mission. He walked over and slid open the window for her to come in. Botan looked happy, as usual, so perhaps this new mission wasn’t going to be something grim.

Botan didn’t tell him anything about the mission though; all she said was that Koenma wanted to see him for something very significant. Kurama, though, didn’t worry, Koenma always said “very significant”.

With the HxH people:

Killua, finding that there was nothing to do, decided to mess around with the computer in Gon’s room. He played with it for a while until he got around to checking his e-mail. So far, he hadn’t been receiving much e-mail, and yet, to his sudden surprise, he saw an anonymous e-mail message. Killua clicked on the message and five pop-up ads came up. In a hurry to see what was in the e-mail, Killua closed all the pop-ups as fast as he could.

The e-mail, to Killua’s further surprise, wasn’t even addressed to him; it was addressed to all four of them. It made no sense to him; why would someone send him an e-mail that was intended for all of them? Ignoring that fact, Killua read further into the message, staring in shock at the message’s contents.

“GON!” Killua shouted, wondering if Gon was still in the house.

“What?” Gon asked as he bounded into his room and plopped down on a chair next to Killua.

“You’d better read this.” Killua said and moved out of the way so that Gon could see the computer screen. Gon, after reading, stood there confused at the words on the screen. Who was this Karasu and why was he asking to meet them at the train station?

“Uh…Killua…do you think it’s actually a good idea to meet this person? I mean, we don’t even know who he is yet…”

“Maybe we just shouldn’t go, but let’s see what Kurapica and Leorio have to say about this first.”

In Koenma’s Office

Yusuke couldn’t have found things more annoying—it was the middle of the night and he was called up from hard-earned slumber for a mission.

“What do you want now toddler?” Yusuke yawned as he walked into Koenma’s office.


Yusuke found just enough energy to laugh and retort, “Well, that just makes it all the more ironic—you’re much older than me and yet you-”

“Shut up! We have far more important things to do here than-”

“Oh…really. Like what? How about hurrying up and telling me so I can leave?"

“Well I was going to until you interrupted me!”

“Ok, ok, just quit arguing and let Koenma talk.” Kurama said, attempting to stop Yusuke and Koenma from wasting all of their time by quarrelling.

“As I was going to say, ” Koenma said, “there are some people who are ravaging Ningenkai—the Genei Ryodan. One of them, someone named Hisoka, is highly dangerous. I need you guys to hopefully stop him from his intentions.”

“Oh…and I suppose you have absolutely no idea where we should begin?” Yusuke asked sarcastically, knowing that Koenma’s information was never going to get better than vague, useless, and ambiguous; in fact, they probably wouldn’t have done much better without it.

“Well…” Koenma announced, surprising them all, “ I do have a slight idea—my investigations show that Hisoka is going to meet some people by the train station tonight.”

“So…we’re supposed to spy on them?” Yusuke asked.

“Well…it’s your only choice, isn’t it?”

With the Hunters

Killua, stared with boredom at the wall. He regretted letting Gon do all the informing of the others, for now he felt so bored that even sleep would be better. Gon, who was obviously very enthusiastic, had told Kurapica and Leorio that they should head over quickly.

Killua jumped up at the chance to escape from his bored position on the couch when he heard a knock on the door. It had to be Kurapica and Leorio. He opened the door hurriedly; glad to see that they had finally come.

“Hi!” Kurapica greeted them in his usual tone, both for himself and Leorio, who didn’t feel like talking.

“Kurapica-san! Leorio-san!” Gon shouted blissfully from the background. “You guys finally came!”

Killua cut off on Gon’s joviality to get to the point of the matter. “There is a random stranger sending us e-mail messages. But this person seems quite serious about meeting us.”

“Are you sure? He could be just spamming—I mean, that’s really common nowadays isn’t it?” Kurapica inquired.

“Well…it’s possible…, but, this person…Karasu…seemed really keen on meeting us…so, who knows?” Gon asked.

“Why should we go and bother ourselves with him? At least we could save ourselves the trouble by just ignoring this.” Leorio grumbled, obviously indicating that he had no intention of participating, even if the rest of them were to.

“But it’s so boring just to sit here and do nothing,” Killua complained, reflecting on his last few minutes of absolute boredom.

“Then how about we go cautiously and see what happens, ok?” Kurapica suggested.

“No!” Leorio yelled, “I’m not going to waste my time meeting some spammer on the Internet. Besides, none of you guys know if this person is dangerous or not!”

“Why should I care?” Killua asked nonchalantly.

“FINE!” Leorio grumbled, finally giving in to their risky adventure.

At the train station that night:

Kuwabara and Hiei spent the entire time while they were walking to the train station arguing about who was dumber. When they did reach the train station, they found a man sitting in the waiting station. Deciding that it probably wasn’t a good idea to approach him, since Koenma had said that he was quite dangerous, they stayed in the background and waited for Hisoka’s friends that were supposed to come.

Kurama was the first to notice that there was a group of people walking toward the train station since Hiei and Kuwabara were too busy arguing to notice. One person seemed very talkative and excited, and the tall man behind them seemed annoyed with coming at all. Kurama listened in to their conversation and was shocked by the contents.

“Killua!” Gon shouted. “Isn’t this the train station?”

The boy Gon had called Killua answered, “Uh…yeah.”

“Look! There’s an ice cream parlor right down the street! Maybe we should stop to get some ice cream as soon as we meet Karasu.”

“Ok. If you want.” Killua replied, also excited at the idea of getting something sweet to eat.

Kurama pondered at Gon’s last sentence—Karasu. Had he heard right? Hopefully not. They had been told that some people were going to meet “Hisoka” at the train station, but…Karasu? He couldn’t understand, no, more correctly, he didn’t want to understand at all; he just hoped that his hearing was wrong, or the “Karasu” they were talking about was a different Karasu.

Gon walked quickly into the train station, looking around. Killua scanned the place, and saw some people sitting on a bench chattering.

“Gon…?”Killua asked.

“Huh? What?”

“We don’t even know who this Karasu is, so how are we supposed to figure out which one of them over there is him?” Killua asked, indicating the reikai tantei who were sitting on the bench.

“See…I told you this wasn’t a good idea!” Leorio complained angrily.

But, perhaps he had made too much of a racket, because Hiei and Kuwabara stopped arguing for a moment to look at the angry person standing in the middle of the waiting room.

“Leorio!” Kurapica mumbled, “Don’t shout so loudly!”

While Kurapica made an attempt to calm Leorio down, Gon and Killua walked over to the reikai tantei.

“Hi!” Gon said cheerily. “We’re here to look for someone! Have you guys seen anybody around here?”

“Ourselves…”Yusuke replied, laughing, “and also there’s this guy sitting down there as well.”

“Ok!” Gon shouted happily, “Thank you…uh…….what’s…?”


“Thanks Yusuke-kun!”

Gon replied cheerily and walked with Killua down to see who the other person was.

Kurapica turned just when Gon had left around the corner to another part of the station.

“Leorio? Did you see Gon and Killua?”

“What? No…I think they went to talk with those people.” Leorio said, indicating the reikai tantei.

“Let’s go and ask then.” Kurapica suggested and dragged a reluctant Leorio with him. When they got there, Kurama was trying to stop Hiei from killing Kuwabara and Yusuke had dragged Kuwabara far from Hiei’s range.

“Um…excuse me…have you guys seen two kids- one with spiky hair and another with silver colored hair?”

Kurama nodded while stilling restraining Hiei, “Yeah, they went down there.” Kuwabara looked at them, surprised.

Then, not sure of what was going on, he asked Kurapica and Leorio, “Did you—were those—are you guys looking for your kids?”

Leorio stared at Kuwabara, not so sure of what he was hinting at. Kurapica just glared and decided not to answer.

After a moment of silence, Leorio said, “Uh…well…not our kids…our…um…friends…”

Kuwabara stared at them in more surprise, unsure of what he should say.

Yusuke cut in instead, “Ignore that baka, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”

“Hey! Urameshi, SHUT UP! I’m not a-”

“You are too one! You just-”

“Well…um…we were just looking to meet someone, mind helping?” Kurapica cut into their argument.

“Sure!” Yusuke said enthusiastically. Yusuke and Kurama got up to go with Kurapica and Leorio to help them. Kurama, though, had reasons beyond that. It struck his curiosity to think of who they were really trying to find and helping them would help him find out.

Gon and Killua ran off into the direction in which the tanteis had told them. As soon as they walked onto the other side of the train station, they saw someone sitting on a bench with his back turned toward them. Wondering if this person was Karasu, they walked over.

When the person turned, much to their surprise, they saw not a random stranger, but Hisoka.

Gon’s face immediately elaborated into a wide smile. “Hi Hisoka! What are you doing here? Did you receive some weird message too?”

Hisoka shook his head and said that he just came because he felt bored.

“Bored? But why come to the train station just because you’re bored? It’s not like you can do anything fun here…” Hisoka just shrugged.

Hisoka’s POV

I looked around. So far I had been warned that there were some people who worked for Reikai that were after me. The mystery here was whether they were after me Hisoka, or the other side of me, Karasu. (AN: Karasu got revived using Hisoka’s energy…but…they share a body…ok?)

Well…it didn’t matter. I needed to find them first and see what they were up to just to make sure that I could stay just out of their grasp. Gon was talking to Killua now about the weird letter that he had received from “Karasu”. True, “Karasu” had given him that message, but I hadn’t expected him or Killua to fall for it and come here. For the most part, I had been oblivious to Gon and Killua’s conversation until they shouted about getting something to eat.

They dragged me along with them and said that they were going to head off across the street to an ice cream parlor to get something sweet to eat. Just as I walked outside with them, I noticed someone.

I stared for a moment, but had no idea why this person could possibly be so familiar to me. The red locks…who was this person…why so familiar? “Hisoka? Hey HISOKA?” I jerked around and stared at Gon who was just calling my name. “Are you going or not?” Killua grumbled, annoyed.

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