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Yusuke, Kurama, who dragged Hiei, Kurapica, Leorio, and Kuwabara walked down to the other side of the train station. When Yusuke and Kurama turned to the old place where Hisoka had been sitting at, they discovered, to their surprise, that it was empty.

“Eh? What happened to the guy that was sitting here?” Yusuke murmured in surprise as he gazed at the empty seats.

“Maybe…uh…” Kurapica wondered if Leorio was right and that they really shouldn’t be messing around with dangerous strangers who might’ve been looking to stalk them.

“Maybe what?” Yusuke asked.

“Maybe…Gon and Killua…found the person we were supposed to meet…”

“Who were you guys trying to meet?” Kurama asked.

“Not that sure exactly who he is…but on the Internet he said he was…Karasu.”

Kurama froze for a moment, shocked. That last word had confirmed his fears. But, there could be different Karasu’s, right? Hopefully this “Karasu” wasn’t the Karasu he was thinking about, after all, wasn’t he supposedly dead?

“Hey, Kurama…you okay?” It was Yusuke, wondering about the blank look on Kurama’s face.

“Yeah…I’m fine. Let’s go look for them now.” Kurama said, indicating Gon and Killua. They walked out of the train station, wondering where to go. Then, they saw a very hyper looking Gon bounding out of the nearby ice cream parlor.

“HI! You guys want to come in for some ice cream?” Gon shouted.

“Sure!” Kurapica said, smiling.

“Sweet snow?” Hiei asked, confused.

Gon looked at Hiei in surprise and then suddenly broke off into a wide grin, finding it funny that Hiei called ice cream “sweet snow”.

“Cool! Yah! We’re going to go eat sweet snow!!” Gon announced excitedly.

They walked into the ice cream parlor. To Kurapica’s surprise, there was no one else in there besides Killua, Gon and Hisoka. For a moment, he wondered what Hisoka was doing here? Did he send that message just as a joke for his enjoyment? Kurapica knew that Hisoka would definitely find that a good trick to amuse himself with.

“Hey…um…weren’t we looking for someone?” Kuwabara asked, looking around the ice cream parlor.

“Of course! We’re just stopping by for a treat first.” Leorio replied.

“Oh…and who were we looking for again?” Kuwabara asked, confused.

“WHAT! You don’t even know who were looking for anymore? You’re so—” Yusuke hooted with laughter when he heard that Kuwabara was absolutely clueless.

“WELL, IT’S NOT LIKE YOU KNOW, URAMESHI!” Kuwabara yelled heatedly.

“Yah…I do…” Yusuke mumbled, suddenly unsure of whether he really knew or not.

“Oh, then who ARE we looking for?” Kuwabara retorted.

“Um…uh….we are…um…” Yusuke looked around, trying to buy himself some time for thought.

“HAH! SEE! YOU DON”T--” Kuwabara grinned happily, having triumphed over Yusuke.

“Baka.” Hiei grumbled, annoyed at their incessant bickering.

“It’s not like YOU would ever know anything, shrimp!” Kuwabara countered.

“Hn. Idiots like you never even think.”

“Well you don’t even have a brain to think with-- ”

Kurama sighed; Hiei and Kuwabara had started to quarrel again, which obviously wasn’t going to help them much in the mission they were supposed to accomplish. Deciding to leave them alone for a while and investigate their mission a little more, he walked over to Gon and Killua who were busy enjoying their caramel and M&M covered ice cream cones.

“Hi! Aren’t you going to get a cone too?” Gon asked as Kurama walked over.

“I will, soon. Do you guys know anything about the person you met over the Internet?”

“Oh, you mean the person who sent us a weird message?” Gon asked.

“Yeah—did you guys find him?”

“Well…um…not sure. I don’t think we found him, but we did find someone by accident.”

“SEE? I told you guys this was all a joke! Whoever this spammer is, he’s probably laughing at you guys for even bothering to come!” cut in Leorio, who had just appeared.

“Are you sure this person wasn’t serious—who was he?” Kurama finally asked the question he had really come for the entire time—who the mysterious person was. For a moment, he had hesitated at whether it a good idea to find out, for if the person was…

“Oh! He said he was Karasu…but he could be anyone!” Gon answered.

Kurama winced at the words “Karasu”. It couldn’t have been worse—hearing this menace’s name being uttered before him. For a moment, his mind went blank, and a wave of repugnance drowned him in the distress of merely thinking about Karasu. In the end, only one question remained in this mind—how was Karasu alive again? Kurama had clearly remembered him dead…but…there could always be loopholes in reikai that had allowed Karasu to escape to the land of the living.

“Um…are you okay?” Gon stuttered, staring at Kurama, whose face had looked pallid and vacant.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” Kurama announced, hoping to cover up for his sudden and rather absurd reaction.

“Let’s get some more ice cream!” Gon suggested to Killua, who immediately agreed at the mention of more sweets, although Killua knew that an overly sugar crazed Gon wasn’t necessarily the best he could deal with.

“Want to come?” Killua asked Kurama.

“Uh…sure!” Kurama cut himself away from his apparent worrying over “karasu” and followed Killua and Gon to the counter to get some more ice cream.

Kurama offered to get both of them some ice cream cones splashed with marshmallows and almonds, which left Gon and Killua some time to walk over to where Hiei and Kuwabara were still arguing.

“Hi! Don’t you guys want something to eat too?” Gon cut into Hiei and Kuwabara’s squabble. They immediately stopped at the thought of something to fill their empty stomachs, leaving a relieved Yusuke who had been trying to stop each of them from slaughtering the other or annihilating the ice cream parlor with their major skirmishes.

Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurapica, and Leorio walked over to the counter to get themselves some self-satisfying cones of delight. They had finally all managed to sit down at the tables to enjoy their food.

Hisoka sat down next to Gon, bored with the long time he had had to spend in the ice cream parlor. At least the food was good and plentiful, but there was still some weird feeling running through his mind every time he stared at the redhead they called Kurama. Did he even know this person? He certainly couldn’t remember himself with any memories of Kurama, but if he didn’t know, then why did Kurama feel so familiar…and why did he have weird feelings going through his head every time he saw him? Then, he suddenly felt his vision being covered by something black--. Unable to see, he just stared blankly off into the darkness. While Hisoka didn't realize it, his other half had just taken over.

I’m kinda tired now. This one’s a bit shorter…but…the plot is soo slow…

Disclaimer: By now…everybody should know that I have never owned Yu Yu Hakusho or Hunter x Hunter and probably never will. If you don’t know…then that’s what the disclaimer is for.

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